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At Forest Admin, we're working hard on implementing new functionalities and addressing feedback from our users. We've created this document to keep you updated with new product announcements, community stories, and tips on how to make the most out of Forest Admin and low code in general.

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January 2022 πŸŽ„

More space for your data and better navigation: Meet the new Forest Admin UI

We understand the importance of good User Interface and we strive to make it better. We're exited about the growth of our clients' businesses, and realized we needed to improve the way they control even very complex operations.

That’s why we are so excited to announce the result of a great team effort, research, interviews, and analysing user feedback: the new Forest Admin UI. πŸš€

Read more about the new UI and try it yourself!

Forest Admin as a Transactions Monitoring and Fraud Management Solution

In December we have presented you our new live demo: Forest Admin as a KYC Solution. Now, we're excited about releasing the 2nd one that shows how Forest Admin can be used to monitor transactions and prevent fraud. Try it yourself!

December 2021 πŸŽ„

Enjoy the complete overview of your user base

Forest Admin is greater when shared. In 2021 we were happy to see many Forest Admin teams scale and onboard whole new departments so we had to make the admins life easier.

Previously, whenever you wanted to know user roles, permission levels, teams, pending invitations, or tags, you had to dig into user details page. Now, thanks to the new extended view, it’s possible for administrators to easily access, search, and filter user-related data. Do you need to see if some users are blocked and manage many invitations at once? Just go to your project's settings.

Forest Admin as a KYC Solution

Did you know that many of our users have chosen Forest Admin for KYC purposes? The growing number of those coming from the financial sector proves that. In case you’re interested in such functionality but you haven’t had a chance to try it, we’ve created a live demo where you can easily preview how to access and process user information and documents incredibly fast.

Try it yourself with our new KYC live demo

November 2021 πŸ‚

Remove all layout changes in a remote environment

If you are a dev, you probably push branches to remote environments for testing purposes at least from time to time. However, once tests are done, you may want to remove all the layout changes. Did you know that you can do it with a command line? Just use the Forest CLI command

forest environments:reset

Read more about the forest environments command in the documentation.

October 2021 πŸƒ

Forest Admin is available for Django

We're excited to tell you that we've just launched a new integration that lets you easily build internal tools on top of the Django application. Read more about Forest Admin for Django and how does it compare with Django Admin.

Every web business needs to manage related data that is stored across many tables in the database, which is inefficient and counterintuitive without a user-friendly interface. We've addressed this problem by introducing Explorer. It makes a significant difference in working with related data, and we’re proud to say that Forest Admin is the only internal tool solution with such functionality.

Read more or watch the video.

Single-Sign-On (SSO) is now available on Forest Admin πŸŽ‰

We’re thrilled to announce that single-sign-on (SSO) authentication, a feature you have frequently requested, is now available on Forest Admin. What are the key benefits, and why should you activate it today?

Read about the benefits of SSO and how to activate it on Forest Admin.

September 2021 🌳


Build a Tinder-like view on Forest Admin

In one of our recent articles, we took a look at how to create Moderation Views in Forest Admin with the help of Smart Actions and Smart Views. Today, we’ll take a peek at Tinder-like validation views, another similar tool that you can create on Forest in no time.

Learn how to build a Tinder-like view on Forest Admin

Onboard new users more efficiently than ever with tags


Forest Admin is designed to be able to scale with your business as it grows. To facilitate it even more, we have recently added functionality to invite new users with tags, which makes the onboarding process much more efficient.

​Read when and how to do it.​


Measure user retention with Cohort Charts on Forest Admin


Blind guessing can’t help you prevent customer churn. Instead, you should rely on Cohort Analysis that gives you a deeper understanding of your customers and helps you answer the most pressing questions.

​Read how to do it with Forest Admin. Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  ​


August 2021 ⛱️


From Lumber to Toolbelt: new CLI changes on Forest Admin


We’ve recently integrated our Lumber CLI’s functionalities into Forest Toolbelt. Now, the Toolbelt is our all-in-one CLI tool for both onboarding and development, which gives you a much smoother onboarding experience and learning curve. We strongly encourage you to switch over to Toolbelt, and this simple tutorial aims to help you with that.

​Discover the new CLI changes​


Forest Admin is now fully compatible with TypeScript


Lately, we have realized that many of our users have been developing their own products using TypeScript, and some of them have worked on translating their generated project from JavaScript to TypeScript. Having had a closer look at the TypeScript ecosystem, we also decided to take advantage of this technology. πŸ˜Žβ€‹
The result? Forest Admin is now fully compatible with TypeScript. Read about what it means for you as a JavaScript or a TypeScript developer.

​Learn why it’s worth translating your JavaScript project into TypeScript​


Learn how to flatten nested MongoDB fields


We’ve also facilitated the work of those of you who work with databases that have embedded or nested objects within the data, such as MongoDB. In the past, it was only possible to handle nested fields by creating Smart Fields for each of the nested fields and turn them into normal fields. It was not the most convenient way possible, that’s why we’re now introducing the ability to flatten fields in Forest.

​Learn how to flatten nested MongoDB fields​


Case Study: How Techfugees uses Forest Admin to manage projects supporting displaced persons


Recently, we had the pleasure to interview team members of Techfugees, an international non-profit, supporting displaced persons through its network of volunteers to get access to information, education, health, employment, and social inclusion through technology. We strongly encourage you to get to know this impact-driven organization, and also to read why they have chosen Forest Admin as an internal tool solution.

​Read the Case Study and learn more about Techfugees​


July 2021 β˜€οΈ

Forest Admin for Partners

Forest Admin is greater when shared. Thanks to Forest Admin for Partners (5th product of the day on Product Hunt), you can share subsets of your internal tool with all your external partners through Forest Admin for Partners. No hassle, easy to set up, and ready for all your data management and operational needs.

Read more about Forest Admin for Partners.

Discover changes in Organizations


Do you own many projects on Forest Admin? Thanks to organizations, they can be managed separately but under one roof. An organization is a structure that encompasses multiple projects, allowing you, for example:​
to define a single way to login, to create a single invoice for multiple projects,to move projects between organizations and transfer the ownership easily,and more! ​
By default, each user has an organization called Personal Space that can be accessed from the top-left corner.

​Log in and check it out ​


Create Smart Action Forms and Dynamic Fields


​Smart Actions are one of the most powerful features Forest Admin has. With their help, you can implement your own business logic to be executed at any time at the push of a button, whether it’s something like issuing refunds, or changing order statuses. However, if you want to take your Smart Actions to the next level and implement some more complex functions, sooner or later, you’ll have to set up some Smart Β Action Forms to go with them.

​Read how to build them in Forest Admin ​


Create Moderation Views


Depending on your app or business, there might come a time when you’re in need of a system to moderate and validate things such as your products, orders, or other changes to your everyday operations. With Forest Admin, creating such a system is a breeze: in this article, we’ll help you create your own custom Moderation View in only a few easy steps.

​Learn how to create Moderation Views in Forest Admin​


Case Study: How Raspberry Pi uses Forest Admin to manage resellers and design partners


Raspberry Pi, the creator of famous tiny computers sold in over 40 million units around the world, has chosen Forest Admin as an internal tool solution to manage the network of trusted resellers and design partners. Forest Admin saved Raspberry Pi a significant amount of time and resources by letting developers focus on the core product, and by automating the work of operations teams.

​Read the case study​


June 2021 🌻


Create Smart Charts


We have recently launched a new addition to our range of Smart features in the form of Smart Charts. Now, we recommend reading this short blog post explaining how to code complex use cases into chart form, and how to create fully customized charts in no time.

​Read the blog post ​


Manage roles in the backend

Some time ago, we announced Roles that are game-changers in user permission management. Thanks to our new release, developers can access the role of the user not only in the Forest Admin layout but also in the backend, specifically in the JWT Data Token.​

​Read how to do it ​


Case Study: How YouSign enhanced their Forest Admin setup with their own security level



Forest Admin has a robust security system. However, one of our clients, YouSign (btw, the company recently announced a €30M Series A round!), enhanced their Forest Admin setup with their own security level. After all, YouSign is the world’s leading eSignature solution, and such services are heavily reliant on the proper security and data protection measures.

​Read the Case Study ​


Edit Project Settings


This week we made a change in the appearance of Project Settings. Now, they are available from the top-right menu in the settings section.

​Log in and check it out ​

Monika Ambrozowicz

Monika Ambrozowicz