Forest adventure started not so long ago… officially last year, in May, when we first got mentioned in Techcrunch news!

Since then our team grow to 10 amazing people, our product improved a lot and more and more companies (350+ at the moment) decided to switch from their home-made admin to our SaaS admin interface. Oh, and we just raised $3M with Connect Ventures, Xavier Niel and Taavet Hinrikus (Co-founder and Chairman of TransferWise). Another mention in Techcrunch news 😄

In few words, Forest is designed to manage any application’s data and all company’s business operations. We created the app to make developer’s lives easier, so they can focus on building awesome products instead of wasting time building and maintaining homemade admins.

Forest is an open-source package which analyze your data models, after being installed on your application (via few lines of codes), and automatically generate an API. Then, the admin interface UI is generated (as a SaaS) so business teams can directly access their admin. Thanks to a special architecture, data is always secured and never saved nor made accessible to our servers. Indeed, we totally re-thing how a SaaS manage and secure the data. A new paradigm!

All apps need an admin, which means we have an impact on virtually … all web related businesses!

Our product is deeply technical and requires to deal with and integrate many stacks and development frameworks. It keeps us in constant touch with other developers from great companies, which is why we consider it essential that all of us in the team are able to “speak code”.

We’re looking to bring onboard more awesome teammates to accelerate our development, especially technical people. If you’re interested in a Software Engineer role, read on…

What we’re looking for

Well, someone who has experience in developing, releasing, and maintaining web and native applications under pressure.

Someone who has a strong knowledge of at least one Javascript front-end web framework and more generally, a solid understanding of web technologies.

Someone who has a passion about writing high-quality, maintainable and robust code. If you’re a test-driven development (TDD) engineer, it’s better 👌

Responsibilities include:

  • Hacker spirit. Love technical challenges, to prototype and to find creative ways to solve problems in the shortest timeframe.
  • Doer DNA. “Tomorrow” is not part of your vocabulary. You get shit done and hate procrastination.
  • Product Lover. Thrive for well designed UX and always focus on customers needs

If this sounds like you, we want to get to know you.

What you will do

As one of the early employees at Forest, you will be deeply involved in:

  • Leading the back and front-end development
  • Thinking and building the upcoming Forest features
  • Leading and implementing future API’s of providers
  • … and much more!

How to apply

If this role sounds exciting and you are ready to work full time in Paris, France (possible remote work), please apply via this link!