As the last glimmers of sun disappear on the horizon, the snow continues to fall with large flakes on the forest, surrounding the village of Santa Claus. Some candles illuminate the interior of houses in which many shapes come and go at an incredible speed.

A few days of Christmas, it is the total effervescence in the teams of the most awaited man of the night of December 24th. These are also the last moments of a long and incredible year spent preparing for this magical event, expected by millions and millions of children.

✉️ These are just as many letters as Santa and his team of elves has received throughout the year. Thousands to treat each day️️️!

No chance to make mistakes, each child has to receive the gifts he has asked for. Of course, only children who have been good all year round will have gifts … and Santa Claus knows very well those who have been. He also perfectly knows their names (as well as those of their brothers, sisters &parents), ages, addresses, … and by the way have a special trick to do so.

Fortunately, Santa Claus can count on Mother Christmas and his elves who are there to help him. There is, for example, the BlaBla team 💬 which is responsible for recording children’s letters and the Makers team 🛠which is in charge of … making the gifts. Santa is particularly careful that each elf does not make mistakes and is not late. All gifts must be ready for the 24th.

Once made, and sorted, the gifts are placed in Santa Claus’ hood which is on his sled, by the Transport team 🗺, and ready to ship. No chance that Santa Claus will be wrong when delivering all those gifts because he perfectly knows to whom they are belonging.

You are probably wondering what is the secret behind such an effective organization? Well, Santa 🎅 is using Forest 😉

Learn more about Santa Claus admin interface 👉

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Few days left before Christmas, we hope you were good this year 😁 and you will have a wonderful time with your family and relatives! Merry Christmas!

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