Stripe now available on Forest Admin

From now on, you'll be able to access and manage your Stripe data right on Forest Admin. Read on to find out how!

After our Rails feature launch last month, we're back with another great integration to make your lives easier. This time, it's a completely no-code and on-cloud one, since we're rolling out support for Stripe, one of the best payment management platforms out there.

From this week on, you will be able to select Stripe as a data source during our onboarding, and leverage our platform for handling your Stripe operations, including managing your payments, subscriptions, and coupons or promo codes. Of course, you'll be able to pair all of this up with all of our usual goodies, including a fully customizable interface and role-based permission system. Let's take a look at how easy it is to get started, shall we? 

Getting started with Stripe on Forest Admin 

  1. Head on over to Forest Admin, and sign up for the service — as always, it's completely free 🌲
  2. Choose Stripe as your data source
  3. Find your Stripe API key in your Stripe Dashboard, and put it into Forest Admin once prompted

And that's it! In only three steps, you can have your own dedicated Stripe dashboard in Forest Admin, complete with all the features you need. Of course, we encourage you to further customize the layout of your user interface according to your needs — take a look at our documentation to see all the things you can do with our layout editor! 

Want to know more about our new Stripe integration? Head on over to our website, and check out all the details!

Akos Hantos

Akos Hantos