Onboard new users more efficiently than ever with tags

Forest Admin is designed to be able to scale with your business as it grows. It naturally accommodates your application and the number of people who use and manage it. To facilitate scaling even more, we have recently added functionality to invite new users with tags, which makes the onboarding process much more efficient.

Assigning tags is crucial when you want to segregate the data based on languages, countries, regions, and even more specific locations like warehouses, depending on your needs and business logic. Tags help to organize users in groups and to control the data they are able to access, which makes them essential when working with contractors as a part of Forest Admin for Partners. Tags can be set up to filter data dynamically depending on the user.

What has changed?

Previously, if admins wanted to assign tags to users, they had to go to each user’s settings and do it from there. It was not efficient, especially when onboarding big groups of users, which is more and more often the case with Forest Admin’s clients. 💚

Why do you need tags?

Tags are essential in creating scopes — filters that apply to collections and all their segments. Here are some examples of companies that have been already inviting users with tags, which lets them save considerable time and effort.

  • An international company has customer success teams dedicated to different languages and locations. Thanks to scopes and tags, a German-speaking Customer Support representative can only see the tickets created by customers from German-speaking countries.
  • A car rental company has cars in different countries and different team members that oversee rentals in specific locations. Thanks to scopes and tags, they can only see data that interests them, which is not only a matter of efficiency, but also important for data security and compliance laws and certificates, like GDPR, which might differ country by country.
  • An e-commerce business that uses various warehouses can easily give its managers exclusive access to the ones they operate.
  • A company working with several subcontractors can now easily share secure subsets of their Forest Admin with them. Before introducing tags, doing so was already possible, but was also more time-consuming.

How to invite users with tags

First of all, you need to have admin access to invite and manage users. Go to Project Settings, Users tab, and click on Invite. You’re now able to assign tags to every user you invite.

A screenshot from Forest Admin

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Monika Ambrozowicz

Monika Ambrozowicz