Manage your related data the way you want it, not the way your database is structured

Much of the world’s data is stored in databases, and they’re an inevitable part of almost every piece of software. The majority of internet users manage data stored in databases every day, unaware of what is under the hood. It is only possible thanks to various graphical user interfaces that need to be both intuitive and flexible to fit the specific needs of every company or even every project.

At Forest Admin, we believe that powerful internal tools should be accessible to all, not only to developers. Sales, Customer Support, Operations, and other non-technical departments manage a plethora of data on a daily basis, and they need their tools to be easy, efficient, and intuitive. Our most recent functionality, Explorer, makes a significant difference in working with related data as it lets you browse and edit it the way you want it, not the way your database allows you.

We’re proud to say that Forest Admin is the only internal tool solution with such functionality.

Why do you need Explorer?

Every web business manages closely related data, stored across many tables in the database. Without an intuitive GUI (graphical user interface), it’s inefficient and counterintuitive. Let’s have a look at some examples of specific businesses that take advantage of Explorer.

  • A car rental company tracks its fleet, bookings, and customers. Before the introduction of Explorer, they were able to preview each record but it was much harder to keep track of related data. Now, they can easily preview not only every car and every booking but also the relations between them.
A screenshot from the Forest Admin demo account. We never have access to customer data.
  • A travel agency manages various trips that consist of plane tickets, hotel bookings, group museum tickets, and other items. With Explorer, every team member can easily manage each team, add or remove items, move them between different trips, and stay updated with just a quick glance on Forest Admin.
  • A fitness and well-being center offers various services grouped together in packages. Each package consists of personalized trainings, recipes, and nutrition tips, depending on the level and goal of the center’s clients. With Explorer, personal trainers can easily make edits according to users’ feedback and progress, and add or remove parts of the packages.
  • A fintech company uses Explorer to manage each customer’s accounts, related documents, options, and other items.

How to access Explorer?

  • You need to have a Plus or an Enterprise plan to access this new feature.
  • Click on a collection you want to manage. Let’s say we want to see the car that has been booked in our demo car rental agency.
A screenshot from the Forest Admin demo account. We never have access to customer data.
  • In this case, we clicked on the Data tab, then Cars, and now we’re able to see the booking of each car. It’s also possible to view the details, delete the booking if it was done by mistake or canceled via phone; or disassociate the relationship between this booking and this car.

According to our first users, Explorer saved them significant amount of time

Enjoy! And if you are not a Forest Admin user yet, try it now for free.

Monika Ambrozowicz

Monika Ambrozowicz