Forest Admin now available for Ruby in Rails

From now on, you’ll be able to install Forest Admin directly in Rails. Read on to find out how!

As Forest Admin grows, we want to make sure that we provide support for developers, whatever technologies they use. Regardless of the tools you’re using, a comprehensive admin panel solution is key to your company's success, so we want to make sure you have the easiest time possible setting things up.

Our offering has always been a self-hosted Node.js microservice that sits on top of your database — but with the introduction of our new in-app Ruby on Rails support, we're expanding our reach, and providing Rails developers with the ability to hook Forest Admin natively into their apps, in a matter of minutes. Let's take a look at how easy it is!

Installing Forest Admin for your Rails app

  1. Head on over to Forest Admin, and sign up for the service — don't worry, it's completely free 🌲
  2. Choose Ruby on Rails as your data source, then set and verify your application URL (http://localhost:3000 by default)
  3. Add our gem to your application's Gemfile using the gem 'forest_liana' command
  4. Bundle it using the bundle install command
  5. Install the gem using the rails g forest_liana:install <ENVIRONMENT SECRET> command — you'll need your environment key for this, which is provided in the onboarding experience in the first step of this guide
  6. Restart your server using the rails s command
  7. (Optional) Configure your CORS headers

And there you have it! A fully functional admin panel for your Rails app, at the end of your fingertips, in only a few minutes. Of course, for a full experience, you'll want to customize your admin panel to your needs — take a look at the reference guide section on our Documentation Center for an in-depth look at all the different options.

Want to know more about what Forest Admin can do for you and your Rails application? Head on over to our Rails landing page, and check out all the details!

Akos Hantos

Akos Hantos