This post is the intro of a series in which we will dive deep into Forest admin interface’s features to explain how to fully exploit them.

In a startup life, from day one to the moment when business takes off 🚀, a lot of changes happen. More people come on board, departments are created, features are added to the product and requests for data from business partners increase. To keep up with all these changes, internal processes and tools must evolve. If they don’t, the company operations’ efficiency is at a risk, and the whole project can fail.

That’s why the most successful startups invest a lot in their internal operations, in selecting or building the right tools 🛠 from the beginning, in thinking thoroughly about data repositories and also by adapting their processes & team roles as they grow. Therefore, they remain lean and efficient while growing fast.

We at Forest are convinced that the central part of a startup, and its success, is the least visible one… the admin interface. It is the backbone of all business operations! This then explain why we have set on a mission to create the ultimate admin interface building tool, available as a service, which is easy & fast to deploy, scalable and customizable at will.

Some of you are probably thinking right now that your product & process are too specific, reason why you need a home made admin. Well, you are mistaken! Most of our customers had the same preconceived attitude before switching their admin to Forest. You can read about it there 👇

Myth #1 - My app is too specific. I need a home-made admin.

Myth #2 - I’ll build my admin in one week! It is just another CRUD

Myth #3 - I already built an admin panel within my company, I am fine

Myth #4 - I would never externalize my admin panel’s development

In this four part series, we will therefore dive deep into Forest admin interface’s features to explain how to fully exploit them and above all make sure you will think twice before spending (losing?) time developing an in-house admin.

Chapter 1 - CRUD is more powerful than you actually think 💪

Chapter 2 - “Search” is a more complex feature than you actually think 🕵️‍

Chapter 3 - Admin interface hack to get full autonomy on our operations 👨‍🎨

Chapter 4 - Smart actions to take your admin to the next level 🔝

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