Forest Admin helps Evy build the future of insurtech

Evy is an insurtech startup that helps large retailers launch product protection programs.

The company’s API-first approach makes it easy for retailers of all kinds – from e-commerce to brick-and-mortar shops – to integrate their product protection programs.

Evy has been using Forest Admin to build their internal tools and offer a dashboard to their partners. Not only has it enabled them to streamline insurance program launches, but it also fast-paced the onboarding of new customers.

Evy and Forest Admin

Evy’s founder – Tanguy Le Stradic – used Forest Admin extensively during his time at Qonto. When Evy was founded, Forest Admin was the first tool that came to mind when they started building their platform. “We thought of Forest from day one,” he added.

With limited engineering resources, Evy had in mind to build a powerful admin panel for their Customer Care team, as well as offer a dashboard to their partners. Forest Admin allowed them to bring their internal tools and partner dashboard under one roof – all at once.

Day-to-day operations on Forest Admin

Evy uses Forest Admin for two main purposes that are key to their business.

Firstly, it allows internal teams to perform read/write actions in a secure environment, such as refunding a customer.

Secondly, it allows third-party stakeholders to monitor the performance of their insurance program and export relevant data through our roles and permissions feature.

Onboarding new customers

Forest Admin’s User Tags and Scopes features allow Evy to onboard multiple partners while ensuring that they don’t have access to each other’s data.

This has been crucial in onboarding new customers, some of which are even helping Evy to automate some of the manual work they do in Forest, which will enable them to onboard even more customers in the future.

Expanding the business

As Evy grows and expands their business, they plan to rely on Forest Admin’s Dashboards and Workspaces features to answer more of their distribution partners’ growing needs.

Forest Admin’s Scopes and User Tags features will also allow Evy to handle the complexities inherent in permissions management for enterprise customers.


Evy’s executive team is delighted to count on the expertise of Forest Admin to further expand their business.

It is through these kinds of collaborations that strong business relationships are forged, and success stories happen.

Want to provide your team with a fully-functional custom management tool without investing time in design, development, and maintenance?

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Gabriel Hardy-Françon

Gabriel Hardy-Françon