New release: Choose the origin of your branch

With so many of you using Forest Admin development workflows, we're soon going to release their evolution that will allow you to change the origin of your environment — right now, it's always the production. However, to fully enjoy this improvement, we need to ask you to perform some actions.  

How the development workflows are going to change

Currently, whenever you create a branch on Forest Admin, it is based on the production environment. What does it mean?

  • Any change made on the origin environment (which currently is always the production) will affect your branch. When two or more people are working on their internal tool, they may break each other's work.
  • Once an edit is made and pushed to the staging environment, there is no way to make additional changes.

Thank to our incoming improvement, this will no longer be the case. When creating a new branch, you will be asked to indicate the origin of it. You'll also be able to edit it later! It has been requested by our community and we are certain these improved development workflow will make your teamwork more efficient 💪

Action Plan

Before we release the feature officially on October 10th 2022, please take the following actions to make sure you'll fully enjoy the improvement 👇

You can install our new forest-cli version via npm install -g forest-cli@beta, following these changes:

  • Previously, you could run forest branch your-feature-branch-name . In the new version, you'll now have to specify your origin, using forest branch --origin your-origin-environment-name your-feature-branch-name.
  • forest push -e your-environment-name  is not compatible anymore. The forest push  command now automatically push to your origin, based on the FOREST_ENV_SECRET  variable. If your origins aren't set, you can use forest set-origin your-environment-name  to set the origin of your environment (It will change the origin of the current environment referenced by FOREST_ENV_SECRET )
  • Similar change for the deploy command, forest deploy your-environment-name  can now be replaced by forest deploy , using FOREST_ENV_SECRET  to identify the environment to deploy.

You can find more informations about the new toolbelt commands here.

After the October 10th 2022, the version 2 of forest-cli will not work anymore, and will be replaced by the version 3, that support branch origins. Our engineering team is available on our community to help if you encounter any issues.

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Monika Ambrozowicz

Monika Ambrozowicz